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Information on the meeting of the Сentral election commission

2023-05-19 | Elections

On May 19, 2023, the Central Election Commission held its meeting dedicated to the early presidential election. 

The authorized representatives of the political parties attended the meeting.

The meeting agenda covered the following issues: approval of the composition of District Election Commissions, training of election commission members, setting up the Press Center of the Central Election Commission, amendments to the CEC Guidelines on financing the elections, and the cost estimates for the early presidential elections.

Following the Election Code, the meeting approved the composition of the District Election Commissions for the early presidential election and adopted a resolution on the issue.

The priority tasks of the Central Election Commission include improving the training system for the members of District and Precinct Election Commissions and improving the legal knowledge of voters and other participants in the election process.

Based on the above, the meeting approved the resolution on the concept of advanced training for members of the election commissions for the early presidential elections.

Under this Concept, the Central Election Commission, in cooperation with ministries and agencies, will organize cascade training to improve the knowledge and skills of the election commission members in electoral legislation and the application of modern information technologies in voting.

The meeting also discussed the establishment of a Press Center of the Central Election Commission and adopted a resolution to this effect.

The Press Center will have local branches at the District Election Commissions and will operate according to legality, openness, and transparency principles. It will also work closely with mass media representatives in reporting on all events related to the preparation and holding of the early presidential election.

The meeting also considered the next item on the agenda – the amendments to the Guidelines approved by the Central Election Commission Resolution No. 969 of October 25, 2019.

The amendments proposed changing the amount of one-time compensation for the election commission members and establishing rules for securing inventory items intended for the election processes.

The meeting also approved the cost estimates for preparing and holding the early presidential election.

It was noted that when approving these estimates, special attention was paid to saving budgetary funds.

In particular, 19.8% of budgetary funds were saved from the state budget for the general elections in 2019, 26% for the presidential election 2021, and 13.5% for the referendum held this year.

The Central Election Commission, considering the requirements of the Election Code, has prepared a cost estimate of 174 billion 130 million soums for the preparation and holding of the presidential election.

This is 42 percent less than the funds allocated for the last presidential elections.

According to the cost estimates, almost 82 percent of the funds are allocated for organizing the activities of the District and Precinct Election Commissions. Additionally, 76% of these funds will be paid as compensation for the District and Precinct Election Commissions members (most of the members are teachers, doctors, and active citizens).

The cost estimates are based on the legal requirements, taking into account all aspects under consideration and the cost optimization of previous political activities.

Source: The Central election commission