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The activities of the Hakim assistants and prospects of the convention dedicated to the tasks

2022-12-28 | Politics

On the initiative of the Head of our State, in order to ensure the socio-economic development of the mahalla, employment, entrepreneurship development and poverty reduction, the position of “assistant khokim” has been introduced in each mahalla since January 1, 2022.

To date, in more than 9.3 thousand mahallas of the republic, economists who worked in senior positions in organizations of the economic complex work as assistants to hakim.

The "online mahalla" platform was launched, which makes it possible to effectively organize and evaluate the activities of khokim assistants and integrated with databases of relevant ministries and departments.

At the first stage, the khokims' assistants collected information on more than 6.9 million households of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which in turn were divided into 4 categories according to their socio-economic situation. During the surveys conducted by the assistants of local akims, the wishes of the population on vocational training, entrepreneurship, subsidies, loans, etc. were considered.

The conditions and financial levers created for the khokims' assistants allowed them to establish positive relations with the residents of the mahalla in a short time, increase the effectiveness of their work on social protection of the population, employment and support for entrepreneurial initiatives.

Assistant khokims were allocated 12.5 trillion soums in 2022 to fulfill the tasks assigned to them (1 billion dollars).

Due to the specialization of the quarters, special attention is paid to providing the population with a stable income.

In addition, khokim's assistants studied the existing problems and opportunities in the districts and developed “road maps" for each district.

Over the past period of 2022, the assistants of the khokim employed 1.2 million residents for permanent jobs, 997 thousand were registered as self-employed, 101 thousand are engaged in individual entrepreneurship (together with employees) and 158 thousand are engaged in paid public works, 418 thousand citizens received land for rent.

Within the framework of the family entrepreneurship program, based on the recommendations of the assistants of the khakims, 9 trillion soums were allocated as loans for the implementation of 388 thousand business projects.

174.0 billion dollars in subsidies were allocated to attract the population to entrepreneurship, purchase tools and equipment.

243 thousand citizens were sent to the "Ishga Marhamat" - mono-centers and other non-state educational institutions for training in the profession and entrepreneurship, of which 195 thousand were sent. they have already completed their training.

Out of more than 48 thousand "mahallabai" micro-projects formed by the hokim assistants, 47 thousand were launched and about 232 thousand jobs were created.

As a result, 84 thousand legal entities and 95 thousand individual entrepreneurs were registered in makhallas.
In order to improve the living conditions of the population in the mahallas , the assistants of the khokims were:
20.6 thousand km of internal roads have been repaired, 
10.6 thousand km of roads were paved, 1.8 thousand km of sidewalks were laid on the side of the highway passing through the territory of the mahalla;
6.5 thousand transformers, 178 thousand wires and 151.7 thousand night lights that have fallen into disrepair have been replaced;
Due to the clearing of 40.7 thousand km of ditches and the construction of 9.3 thousand vertical and small irrigation wells, more than 332 thousand household plots were provided with water.
Today's conference was organized with the participation of international experts, ministries, departments, banks, local authorities, assistants of khokims and entrepreneurs. It discussed the shortcomings and problems made by the khokim's assistants in the work of “mahallabay”, as well as long-term plans to bring the “mahallabay” system to a new level.
Within the framework of the event, sessions were organized in the following areas:
organization and development of entrepreneurship-opportunities to provide financial resources, micro-credit system, problems and new approaches;
the introduction of the principle of “one contour-one product” on land plots allocated for rent, the advantages of the aggregator system, the association of tenants into cooperatives, the increase in income from Land;
providing the population with profitable labor, the organization of seasonal work, homesteads and cooperatives, self-employment and tax benefits available in this regard;
mechanisms for lifting the population out of poverty: vocational training and entrepreneurship, cooperation with non-profit organizations, a subsidy system and much more.

Source: Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan