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The President presents high state awards

2023-08-31 | Society

By the decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the occasion of the 32nd Anniversary of Independence, many of our compatriots were awarded honorary titles, orders, and medals, as well as a group of foreign investors – the “Dustlik” (Friendship) order.

On August 30, the ceremony of presenting these awards took place at the Kuksaroy Residence.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulated the ceremony participants on Independence Day and expressed his best wishes. It was noted that over the past years, Uzbekistan has come a long way in development. Transformations have covered all areas.

“In continuation of actions aimed at ensuring the people’s interests and exalting human honor and dignity, we have developed a strategy “Uzbekistan – 2030”. More than 1 million proposals were received for this project put up for discussion. What does this indicate? The fact that our people are not indifferent to their future. About the direction in which we should work and what are the shortcomings. For us, this is a roadmap. The people are the main arbiter of the state, the President said.

The strategy defines the tasks of strengthening the independence of the country and its peaceful life, building a strong economy, ensuring the well-being of people, and educating the younger generation as comprehensively developed personalities.

“Simply put, our goal is the same: to build New Uzbekistan in such a way that it would be a pleasure to live and work in it”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The basis for this is, above all, the peace and stability prevailing in our country. Our people appreciate this and live in the spirit of creative work. New modern industrial enterprises are being launched. Significant results are being achieved in science, technology, and services. In 2022, the country’s economic growth rate amounted to 5.7 percent.

Today, housing, roads and bridges, medical institutions, kindergartens and schools, and cultural and sports facilities are being built in all regions. Despite the vagaries of nature, farmers achieve high yields and ensure food security and abundance on the table of the population.

The President mentioned the wise words of the great thinker Alisher Navoi: “To live by people’s concerns is the most important criterion of humanity”.

The embodiment of this can be seen in the care provided for socially vulnerable segments of the population, including the older generation, women, and youth. The country’s poverty level steadily decreases due to measures to support low-income families, quality education, training in modern professions, and improved infrastructure.

The Head of state also noted the transformations in the mahalla, the growing civic activity.

“We have been establishing a direct dialogue with people since the first day. We organize work in many areas directly in the mahalla. Why? Mahalla is the foundation of our statehood. Peace and tranquility in 9,400 mahallas means peace and tranquility throughout the country. Imagine what changes will happen if investments, education, upbringing, construction, and landscaping start from the mahalla! For example, in “Open Budget”, people indicate problematic issues, vote, and control themselves. That is why we will firmly continue the development of the mahalla system”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The President called those present at the ceremony by name and congratulated them on their awards. He noted that he appreciates them as real builders of New Uzbekistan and thanked them for their selfless work and an example for young people.

“What is happiness? This is when a person is healthy, surrounded by the care of children, when they are respected in the family and among people, who appreciate you and your honest work. All our people are proud of you and look at you with admiration. I wish that this respect and honor will never leave you”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The solemn presentation of honorary titles, orders, and medals took place.
As is known, to strengthen national self-consciousness, the order “Imam Bukhari” was established at the initiative of the President. Two of our outstanding compatriots, who showed a spiritual feat in the name of preserving the Islamic religion in the country and region, studying and communicating to Muslims the scientific heritage of their ancestors, the late muftis, sheikhs Ziyovuddinkhon ibn Eshon Bobokhon and Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf were awarded the Order “Imam Bukhari” of the highest degree. At the event, these awards were received by their children.

The award was also received by distinguished representatives of the older generation, civil servants, scientists and teachers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, artists, military, athletes, and coaches.

The President congratulated them and addressed them in warm words.

“Looking at your open faces, happy eyes, inexhaustible energy, I feel such joy, as if I received an award. I wish that the high awards and badges shining on your chest inspire you to new achievements”, the President said.

The awardees thanked for the high attention and expressed their best wishes to the country’s people.


Source: Official website of the President of Uzbekistan